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About Us

Airgonomics Ltd are one of the leading companies in the UK manufacturing Airfilm Equipment.

The company from its outset in the early 1990’s has provided its customers with tailor made solutions to both manufacturing and handling problems.

Due to its flexibility in manufacturing Airgonomics Ltd now provide other services, such as machinery installation, hire services for their range of airfilm equipment, as well as fabrication and machining services. Our own personnel carry out maintenance and service contracts on various equipment and installations.

Due to our high standards in our own range of fabrications, customers have asked us to provide other fabrications, non related, to our core business.

To date these companies include Rolls Royce, BNFL, MOD, AWE (Atomic Weapon Establishment), Epson Computers and many more.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount in our business. Whether it be providing 24 hour breakdown cover, or ensuring deliveries are on time, everytime. We pride ourselves on our customer focused way of operating. We have built up, over the years, an excellent relationship with our main suppliers, encompassing a wide range of industries. That together with our knowledge of working in varying sectors, from aerospace to food industries, enables us to provide our customers with a knowledge database second to none. Due to these working relationships forged over many years, we can now provide most services from construction and refitting of buildings, to testing of specialist equipment. We also provide a project management facility, in the case of work being carried out by one of our approved suppliers, thus enabling our customers to get on with running their own businesses, and not be tied up, overseeing work being carried out.

Based in Telford, Shropshire, near to Ironbridge, the birth place of industry, Airgonomics Ltd. Are at the centre of the UK transport network, and able to deliver a nationwide service. This, together with equipment being exported to places such as China, Australia and India, gives us a global presence.


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