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Air skates are one of the most versatile pieces of airfilm equipment. They are used in exactly the same way as conventional roller skates would be. The skates are simply placed underneath the load to be moved, air is applied, and the load is simply pushed to the required position.

Due to the fact the load is simply floating on air, the effort required is minimal, compared to roller skates. Typically only 1Kg of effort is needed to move every 1,000 kg of load.


Typical set of air skates

Large injection moulding machine being moved on air skates.

Weight of machine 24,000 kg.

Air skates come in many sizes depending on the load to be moved.

In the photograph above a series of 24 air skates were used to move a 65 Tonne scaffold.

Typical set of air skates This scaffold, if dismantled, and then re-erected, would have taken 13 weeks to index to its new position to carry out work on a roof. Instead, with the aid of air skates, the entire move was completed in 2 days.

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