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Airgonomics manufacture a wide range of industrial turntables to aid in the movement of many different types of equipment.

From simple mechanical turntables for the rotation of light loads, up to the large turntables, capable of turning articulated trucks, we cover the complete range.

All industrial turntables are designed and built in the UK and are available in any size.

Turntables can either be floor mounted or recessed into suitable pits within the floor. Items can be either electrically driven, or in the case of airfilm turntables driven by pneumatic drives.

Our range of truck turntables are becoming more invaluable to reduce the amount of dead space within a development, and to speed up the time taken to off-load, or load trucks. Truck turntables also remove the need for trucks to reverse onto busy roads, which, in itself, can cause major disruption to traffic, and also have a wide ranging safety implications.

Truck turntable for Waitrose Supermarkets

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Turntable with in built weighing facility


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