Airgonomics have evolved considerably since our establishment in the early 1990s.

Our design and fabrication capacity has grown as we’ve encountered various manufacturing and material handling problems, engineering custom solutions for each application.

Our innovations within the field of automated movement have led to the development of Airgonomics’ airskates, transporters, and turntables, utilised by a multitude of industries. The adaptability of our airfilm equipment means it has virtually limitless potential to manoeuvre any size or weight of load, maintaining positioning accuracy to within 1mm. Powered by hydraulic and pneumatic componentry, our equipment is available in standard or bespoke form, for hire or for permanent installation.

The parameters of Airgonomics are defined by our ability to minister to clientele. We pride ourselves on resolving numerous handling difficulties, meeting client requirements with the highest standard of service; this begins with a site survey and inhouse design processes. The skilled, specialist workforce at Airgonomics further offer installation services, plus maintenance and repairs on equipment, to keep client operations running smoothly.


The knowledge accumulated by the collective team at Airgonomics spans from aerospace to food industries; when combined with the relationships we have built over the years with main suppliers, Airgonomics can deliver trustworthy advice and guidance to steer our clients through their handling issues.

Airgonomics can deliver our expansive services nationwide, with equipment exportation available for clients across the globe.

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