Air Skates for Moving Heavy Equipment

In any manufacturing environment, warehouse, or industrial workplace, there’s a lot of heavy equipment and materials being moved around every day. To this day there are still many complications that companies face when trying to efficiently move and deal with this problem.

Working inside provides a range of issues when trying to apply equipment like forklifts, as there’s not often enough space or ease of getting around. More and more companies are starting to use Air Skates as their solution for indoor heavy equipment movement.

Air Skates for Moving Heavy Equipment

Heavy Machinery Moving Equipment

Working in an industrial environment where there’s a lot of heavy machinery and materials to be moved around can pose a lot of challenges. There are currently multiple solutions to moving around these heavy objects, but none of them are perfect. In fact, safety is a major concern when lifting and moving heavy machinery, and your employees risk injury if anything were to go wrong.

Forklifts have been around for moving things such as heavy machinery for a long time, and it’s very useful so long as you have the space. However, there are still limitations to this machinery, and it requires a lot of training to use.

Overhead cranes share similar issues to forklifts. They can be very handy for lifting equipment, but you risk damaging the machinery or materials, as well as the workplace. You would also struggle to use an overhead crane in smaller work environments.

For the smaller and tighter jobs, things like dollies and rollers can be used, but lifting items onto these can be a dangerous job. Not only that, but they do have weight limitations - so you would be putting employees in danger when it comes to the heavier objects that need moving. The effort to move larger items can often rule out the use of rollers and dollies.

Recently businesses have been making more use of air-bearing technology. The machinery is lifted with compressed air and it poses no risk to the employees. Not only that but there’s no training required, as the load is only a few millimeters off the ground. Air skates are not even classed as lifting equipment so reducing the need for statutory period inspections etc.

Air Bearing Modules

Air-bearing modules, also known as air skates, air cushions, air sleds, air casters, or air skids are pieces of equipment that make use of compressed air to create a film of air beneath the load and the ground. As the load is actually floating on a film of air the effort to move the load is greatly reduced.

For the machinery that you would be moving around very often, you would want to install air film movers. They’re designed to make movement convenient and easy, but they’re not as easy to switch out and replace.

AIr bearing modules are great for moving around a lot of different machines and materials, as they’re easy to install and can be used in any number to match the size and weight of your load.

Products And Specifications

Air skates can be a great piece of equipment for moving heavy machinery and materials around in your warehouse or industrial workspace and can easily be used in a number of applications due to their modularity.

It’s not just the lifting capabilities that make them so useful in the workplace, but the benefits they’ll bring to you and your employees. Typically new equipment will require hours of training, which would cost you a lot to prepare for. Air skates don’t require any training, and nor will you risk damaging your floor through errors while operating.

Air Skates Features

One of the drawbacks of other heavy machinery movement tools is that you’re very limited with movement, and workers can injure themselves by trying to accurately move them around. Air skates don’t utilize wheels for movement, so you never have to worry about wheels getting stuck or damaging the floor.

Air skates are also very easy to use, and you can change the number of modules you wish to use to better match the shape and weight of your machinery. As they’re modular, there’s no real limit on how much weight they can handle. As long as you have enough space, you could theoretically lift any load of any weight.

Air Skates Description

So what exactly are Air Skates? Air Skates are a set of modular platforms on which you would place your heavy loads on top of when you need to move them. The platforms then utilize compressed air to create a film of air beneath them, pushing the platform away from the ground. This makes it much easier for workers when moving heavy objects, as there’s much less resistance while pushing the equipment around. Typically only 1kg of effort is needed to move 1000kg of load.

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If you’re interested in trying out the capabilities of the Air Skates for your company, they’re available for renting and hiring. All products have been properly tested to ensure safety and satisfaction are guaranteed, and you can get the tools to match the equipment you need to be moving.

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