Movement Automation

Airgonomics can facilitate the automation of your industrial operations for increased performance and efficiency of machinery and equipment.

The engineers at Airgonomics are specialists in designing and manufacturing bespoke technology which facilitates the movement of your machinery; we ensure compatibility with existing machinery owing to close and ongoing communication with our clients.

Movement automation facilities

There are several established ways of increasing the automation of industrial processes; conveyor, track, and gantry systems, alongside robots and cobots, can all be installed to aid assembly and other operations within a factory environment. These systems can be incorporated into existing machinery to improve the continuous mobility of machines, and thus increase automation. 

Airfilm technology poses new solutions for movement automation; a cushion of compressed and circulating air is generated to push machinery or equipment off the floor, and enable freedom of movement with minimal manual labour. 

Airgonomics work closely with our clients to ensure they receive a product fit for application, offering an expansive service covering design, manufacturing and installation of your airfilm technology

Movement automation with Airgonomics has unlimited potential; with no maximum limitations on the load capacity, and speed restricted by health and safety regulations only, our airfilm technology can optimise a variety of operations nationwide. 

Airgonomics provides a thorough site consultation to clarify the specifications of individual projects. Our design services are carried out in house, and will commence in line with the parameters established during site survey. During these initial stages, lead times can be provided depending on the requirements of the bespoke project.

We further provide installation and ongoing servicing to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive and attentive service throughout their engagement with us.

A 24 hour call out is further available for critical items.

Movement automation can be utilised by many operations, including:

  • Manufacturing sub assemblies and assembly lines 
  • The mobilisation of CNC machinery and manufacturing equipment 
  • Warehouse equipment, including storage and handling equipment
What are the advantages to factory automation?

Automating factory operations leads to numerous benefits, which is the reason why so many industrial processes are incorporating automation.

Automation often leads to:

  • Increased safety whilst moving machinery, for both machinery and workers
  • Unrestricted movement when using methods such as air skates, as opposed to linear conveyors or tracks 
  • More efficient processes, which results in improved lead times, timely deliveries, and ultimately a faster ROI (return on investment)
  • Reduced room for error, as it minimises the chance of human error, and subsequently an increased level of reliability
How many people does it take to operate an air skate?

It is evident automation can increase productivity within industrial environments, but this further includes saving manual labour on the operation and overseeing of automated processes. When incorporating air skates onto your machinery, 1kg of effort is needed to move every 1,000kg of load. However, for the safety of operators, when handling loads of over 5000 pounds, more than one operator is required.

What speed can air skates move?

Air skates can speed up factory processes, and are a viable alternative to many other methods of movement automation, including conveyor systems and robots. There is theoretically no limitation on the speed at which air skates can transport loads - the only limitation being health and safety considerations of operators and surrounding personnel. Air skates operate at a speed which balances safety with productivity and efficiency.  

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