Technologies for Industrial Heavy Machinery Lifting and Rotation

Heavy machinery lifting and rotation are essential for industrial work. The technologies used in these applications make it possible to lift and rotate heavy objects with a great level of precision. Without having easy access to the best technologies for industrial heavy machinery lifting and rotation, you risk adding masses of time and energy to each factory task, while increasing the risks of damage for both your team and your industrial environment.

Technologies for Industrial Heavy Machinery Lifting and Rotation

This article attempts to provide information about industrial heavy machinery lifting and rotation, helping you to better understand how to approach such a scenario in the safest, most efficient manner without the risk of excessive damage to your surroundings.

Load Moving Rollers

Load moving rollers or skates are used to transport heavy machinery mainly using nylon, polyurethane or steel wheels. There are a number of load moving roller systems available with both fixed and swivel castors, or even a combination of the two. Most load moving rollers are designed to be manually manoeuvred so that your team can easily push or pull whatever needs moving, but being assisted by a tug or fork truck is always a suitable backup. Load moving rollers or skates work best on a totally flat, ultra smooth surface which is free of dirt and any other obstructions.

Air Casters

An air caster is made up of a rubber or plastic torus, along with a metal backplate that enables the air inlet and makes it better suitable for easy mounting. When compressed air is applied, the aforementioned rubber torus will fill up with air, subsequently lifting the load from the floor and ultimately causing it to hover above the ground. This will create a very thin film of air, reducing the friction coefficient between 0,001 and 0,005 - in simple terms, this means that a load of 1000 kg can be moved using a force of around 1kg to 5 kg, making it as easy as ever to lift and rotate heavy machinery without causing floor damage.

Lorry Turntable

Industrial turntables provide rotation for lorry’s, trucks and other larger vehicles inside a facility. Lorry turntables are formed of a wheel which is installed into a pit, as well as a circular metallic platform that sits atop. It’s fair to say that industrial turntables can carry all kinds of lorry’s with ease, but only if they are short enough to fit neatly on top of the turntable itself. Most if not all turntables should be seamlessly built into the ground, as this ensures that your lorry drivers are able to easily access the platform loading and unloading operations without causing damage to the lorry in the process.


Understanding the many industrial heavy machinery lifting and rotation machinery or device options will help you to make the most informed choice in your factory setting. Rather than run the risk of serious damage, it’s best to locate a specially designed tool such as those described in this guide so that you can put your trust in the process, right from the get-go. Click here to contact us for further information about heavy machinery moving services.

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