Turntables for Trucks

Redefining the framework of automated movement, Airgonomics design and manufacture industrial turntables for trucks.

Our turntables can be driven by either a motor or airfilm technology, offering a flexibility in our custom build facility to account for the scope of our clients’ requirements. Airgonomics are a customer focussed business, allowing our operations to develop in a way that continually meets the needs of our clients.

Turntables for Trucks

Industrial turntables provide rotation for large trucks and other vehicles within a facility.

Featuring a wheel installed into a pit, and topped by a circular metallic platform, industrial turntables can carry trucks within their own length with ease. Turntables are seamlessly built into the ground, to ensure trucks can drive onto the platform for loading and unloading operations.

Airgonomics are some of the UK’s finest pioneers in providing innovative solutions to handling equipment, and our turntables for trucks continue to feed this distinction. 

With over 50 years of experience behind us, Airgonomics can advise and guide you through your equipment handling difficulties. 

Airgonomics design and manufacture turntables for trucks of all sizes and weight loads across the country. We provide a primary site survey, establishing the specifications for individual turntables in consideration of their environment, maximising space and efficiency of processes.

Succeeding in house design stages will then commence, informed by a sufficient site consultation. Airgonomics provide installation of turntables within a premises, as well as warranties on equipment, ensuring clients receive a product they can rely upon.

This ethos continues with our ongoing maintenance and servicing, performed by our experienced engineers, with the aim of retaining the high quality of products throughout their life cycle. 


How do air skates for machinery work?

Depending on the size of the load, air skates will appear in sets, which are then placed underneath the machinery, ready for transportation. Compressed air is applied to doughnut-shaped airbags underneath the skate, and once they have inflated, the additional air being applied is forced to circulate through the centre of the airbag; it’s this circulating motion which pushes the load off the ground. 

The machinery can then be pushed into its new position in a much quicker time than dismantling and rebuilding the machinery, and holds many advantages over other forms of load handling equipment.

What load can air skates move?

Air skates are available as a series, meaning more individual units can be added to account for lifting greater loads. The capacity of the largest single air skate is 23,815kg, though this can be a part of a series for even larger lifting potential. 

What machinery can air skates move?

Air skates can move a variety of machinery across many industries. Used for large manufacturing machinery, such as high tonnage rolling mills and press brakes, to the various machinery used in nuclear power plants, air skates provide an effective and popular method of transportation for some of the world’s heaviest machinery. 

The ability to increase the amount of air skates used to increase the potential of the device means it is suitable for a range of machinery shapes and sizes.


Diameter (m) Pit Depth (mm) Capacity (Kgs) Vehicle Type Standard Item
6 500 5,000 Car/Van  
8 550 20,000 Small Truck *
9 700 28,000 Rigid Truck *
10 700 35,000 Urban Articulated Truck  
15 700 60,000 Full Size Articulated Truck *

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