Air Skates for Heavy Equipment

As a leading UK manufacturer of airfilm movement equipment, Airgonomics aims to resolve all your heavy equipment handling issues.

Guided by the needs of our customers, we can design and create bespoke air skates to aid the transportation of heavy equipment for all industries.

Airgonomics provide both standard and bespoke transporters

Air skates can alleviate all the strains of moving your heavy equipment. Heavy equipment may range from plant machinery for construction and manufacturing, to large pieces of military equipment.

These pieces of equipment may be difficult to transport due to their weight or size. Since air skates are manufactured in series, which can be used independently or in conjunction with one another, they provide a great alternative for handling the various weights and shapes of heavy equipment. By lifting the equipment through the circulation of compressed air, air skates moreover protect heavy equipment and the surrounding environment from damage whilst mobile. 


Airgonomics provides design, fabrication, manufacturing, and installation services for airfilm technology, offering a comprehensive service when providing our versatile air skates for heavy equipment. 

Airgonomics provides a nationwide service, commencing with site consultation and initial design processes. Our design processes are completed in house, guided by the calculations established during site consultations as undertaken by our expert engineers. Lead times, which are dependent on the individual details of each project, will be determined at point of quotation or order. Airgonomics moreover offers installation services for heavy equipment, undertaken by our personnel, to ensure the correct installation procedures are adhered to, and equipment exportation for clients around the globe.

We further aim to increase client satisfaction through offering comprehensive warranties and servicing on Airgonomics equipment. Our servicing covers the complete air system, including compressors.

The adaptability of air skates means, theoretically, they are not limited by load weight or size, whilst continuing to offer precision positioning to within 1mm. Industries including the following all realise the capabilities of air skates for heavy equipment:

  • Entertainment and commercial
  • Power generation
  • Transportation, including rail, automotive, and marine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research



How many people does it take to operate air skates?

Air skates require minimal effort for the transportation of heavy equipment and machinery. To prioritise the safety of operators, the amount of people necessary for moving heavy equipment depends on the weight of the load. It is suggested one person can operate air skates of up to 5000 pounds.

Air skates are incredibly safe and easy to maneuver, meaning unless the weight or size of the load requires additional manpower, minimal force is necessary for transporting the load.

What heavy equipment can be moved by air skates?

Air skates are especially versatile devices and can handle a variety of heavy equipment, used across a range of industries. Because of the nature of the device - small, individual sets which are placed under the equipment - they can be used within buildings where access may be an issue for alternate handling equipment, such as cranes.

Heavy equipment may include the delicate equipment used in research laboratories, the large components and equipment used within shipyards, and even aerospace products.

What happens if air supply is lost during air skate transportation?

Air skates require a constant supply of compressed air in order to inflate the doughnut-shaped airbags on the underside of the system. The inflated airbags force the airflow through the airbags and out onto the floor. Without this flow, no force will be created in order to sustain the cushion of air which elevates the air skates. 

However, if air supply is lost whilst the air skates are active, it will still take time for the system to fully deflate, helping prevent damage to the equipment or device.

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