Air Skates for Machinery

Airgonomics specialise in creating custom air skates for heavy machinery, and have been doing so for over half a century.

We aim to resolve most types of handling issues through reimagining traditional transportation systems. Our innovative air skates provide easy and safe mobilisation of your machinery, with very little effort needed to move great loads.

Airgonomics designs and manufactures air skates, transporters, and turntables for the commercial sector.

Air skates, or air casters, are a pneumatic device which redistributes compressed air so as to lift the device off the floor. This continues to work even when heavy loads are placed on the device, creating an efficient lifting device for all sorts of machinery.

Air skates typically require a flat, even surface from which the downward release of air can bounce off and push the machine upwards; generally speaking, 1 kg of effort is required to move every 1000 kg of load, and positioning accurate to within 1mm. 

Airgonomics’ air skates are a versatile solution to repositioning and moving machinery. Available in a range of sizes, our air skates can be designed custom to your unique machinery and transportation requirements.

We have the capabilities and expertise to design, build, and install air skates, taking the stress out of moving and positioning machinery.

Airgonomics seeks to accommodate our clients’ needs and specifications; to do so, we offer an initial site survey to determine project stipulations, followed by an inhouse design process. Lead times will be established during these preliminary processes. Our services are provided nationwide, with global exportation available for overseas clientele

Succeeding the manufacture and finishing of air skates, Airgonomics offers professional installation of air skates on heavy machinery. We further maintain client satisfaction through the provision of service cover, including 24-hour call out on critical items.

Our servicing encompasses the complete air system, and components relevant to Airgonomics equipment. Comprehensive warranties are further available for Airgonomics products, so clients can be assured their machinery is best protected.

Air skates are available for all types of heavy machinery; there is no theoretical limitation to the weight and size of machinery they can handle. Regarding this, air skates are utilised by numerous sectors, including:

  • Entertainment and commercial
  • Power generation
  • Transportation, including rail, automotive, and marine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research



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