Since our establishment in the early 1990s, Airgonomics have continued to develop and expand the scope of automated movement technology we provide.

Attentive to our clients’ wide ranging material handling difficulties, Airgonomics’ capacity has grown in conjunction with meeting the requirements of our clients. We design and manufacture air skates, transporters, and turntables for the commercial sector.

Airgonomics designs and manufactures air skates, transporters, and turntables for the commercial sector.

The commercial sector encompasses a variety of businesses, industries, institutions, and professional and government services which facilitate everyday societal activities.

Transporting the heavy equipment and goods used across industries such as entertainment is a delicate duty, for which innovative equipment is necessary for the protection of workers, goods, and the surrounding environment.

Airfilm equipment offers the smooth transportation of goods as required by commercial businesses, such as theatres and concert halls, museums, and aquariums.

Airgonomics specialise in airfilm technology, and are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of this pioneering equipment. We further provide installation, maintenance, and repair services, to satisfy all our clients’ difficulties.

Airgonomics provides a nationwide service, designing and manufacturing airfilm handling equipment for the commercial sector. Our technology can handle virtually any size and weight load, with positioning accuracy within 1mm.

Airgonomics provides a primary site surveillance to determine the specifications of each project, and which handling equipment may be most suitable. Inhouse design is then undertaken by our design engineers, creating a bespoke solution based upon client requirements. Following manufacturing and finishing of products, Airgonomics further supply installation, whether fitting permanent air skates, or temporary transporters.

For permanent equipment, the engineers at Airgonomics can provide servicing on the complete air system, with equipment warranties available too.

Airfilm technology has various applications within the commercial sector. Examples of the use of airfilm technology includes:

  • Mobilisation of equipment and machinery
  • Loading and unloading goods
  • Repositioning goods


There are numerous reasons why businesses within the commercial sector may be looking to move heavy equipment.

Businesses may be looking to remove, replace, reposition, sell or renovate equipment - and for this equipment needs to be moved.

The entertainment sector often needs assistance with moving heavy equipment due to the necessity of providing new forms of entertainment for audiences. This includes museums rotating the artefacts on display, or transporting between museums; theatres installing new seating and modifying or replacing structures; and aquariums installing new tanks.

These goods are often heavy, sizable, or delicate, and require careful handling when transporting or repositioning them.

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