Ship Building

Movement automation has seemingly unlimited potential within the shipbuilding industry.

As leading manufacturers of Airfilm technology within the UK, Airgonomics endeavour to explore the depths of this potential. Airgonomics offer a bespoke manufacturing service, working in close collaboration with our clients to ensure they receive a product which addresses all their equipment handling problems. From design consultation, to installation and ongoing maintenance of equipment, the designated engineers at Airgonomics can provide their expertise at each stage of our comprehensive process.

Ship Building at Airgonomics

Shipbuilding refers to the construction of ships or other similar vessels in inland shipyards. One of the greatest challenges faced by this industry, therefore, is the transportation of completed ships into the water.

Airfilm technology can aid with the movement of even the most substantial ships, using the controlled release of compressed air to take the weight of the load and allow for freedom of movement.

The safe navigation of shipyards, protecting the integrity of the ship, is crucial for a successful launch; airfilm technology is built for just this.

With over 50 years of experience, Airgonomics can provide bespoke airfilm equipment to assist with shipbuilding operations and the transportation of equipment and goods.

Airgonomics work closely with our clients to understand the specifications of their shipyards and vessels, starting with a site survey, before our inhouse design team creates a bespoke handling solution.

There is no theoretical limitation on our airfilm technology regarding weight or size of loads, allowing Airgonomics to minister to many different handling difficulties.

Airgonomics continues to support our clients throughout their handling processes, offering installation of equipment using our own expert team, alongside ongoing servicing to maintain the integrity of equipment. Furthermore, comprehensive warranties are available, to ensure our clients can have confidence in their equipment.

Our airfilm technology has positioning accuracy to within 1mm, and with no limitation on the speed of transportation beyond health and safety measures, Airgonomics’ handling equipment can speed up transportation.

For a shipyard, Airgonomics can assist with:

  • Ship assembly and subassemblies
  • Launch of vessels
  • Transportation of equipment and vessels around shipyard


How are ships built?

Larger ships, such as cruise ships, naval ships, or cargo ships, are typically assembled together on land following the manufacturing of their individual components.

Generally, the hull is assembled first, before the installation of internal components such as the engine and electricals. Finally, the remaining parts of the ship are assembled around this structure.

During this process, which can take as long as several years to complete, transportation of componentry around the shipyard and the careful aligning of pieces for sub-assemblies, must be undertaken with the greatest care.

What are the methods of transportation for shipyards?

Transportation systems for shipyard applications must be able to carry substantial loads, maintain precision in their movements, and keep the components they are carrying safe. Whilst the extreme capabilities of these requirements narrows down the list of potential transportation methods, a few options still remain.

The multi-wheeled flatbed carrier is a common way of transporting large and heavy componentry around a shipyard. These transporters feature several wheels which can be independently manoeuvred so as to maintain the precision of movement required. Carriers can be used in conjunction with one another so as to increase their capacity.

Some forms of industrial cranes can be used to lift and transport componentry; though they can handle great loads, their movement is limited across distances.

Airfilm transporters, featuring a platform which is mobilised through the release of compressed air, can significantly reduce the weight of loads, making them easy to move in all horizontal directions.

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