For the transportation of sizable loads, Airgonomics provide both standard and bespoke transporters.

With decades of experience formulating handling solutions for a variety of industries, Airgonomics have continued to expand our practises and offerings to clientele. Our expert team works closely with clients to determine their requirements and the specifications for handling equipment, designing and manufacturing a transporter which is perfectly formed for its application.

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Transporters utilise airfilm technology to reposition or transport substantial loads of 100 tonnes or more. Transformers typically feature a robust metallic platform upon which the heavy load is secured; compressed air is then released from the underside of the transporter, which circulates between the device and the floor, raising the load slightly off the floor to mobilise it. Not only does this system take the weight of the load, but allows for freedom of movement in all horizontal directions.

The accuracy and efficiency provided by transporters allow for improved transportation, which protects both the load involved and the surrounding environment from damage.

Airgonomics’ transporters can be custom designed with additional features, such as umbilical controls, secondary lifters, and pneumatic drives, available.

Transporters can handle most loads and sizes of equipment, though Airgonomics will work with clients to ensure their loads are accommodated in the most suitable way. Transporters continue to position loads accurately to within 1mm.

Airgonomics supplies a comprehensive service which transcends manufacturing of goods; we offer a site survey and inhouse design, to ensure products are manufactured to meet the specifications of individual projects. During these initial stages, lead times will be discussed depending on the nature of the bespoke product.

Following manufacturing and finishing operations, the engineers at Airgonomics are equipped to perform installation, making certain that transporters are situated correctly.

For the permanent installation of transporters, Airgonomics offer ongoing servicing and comprehensive warranties, ensuring that we nurture long term client satisfaction.

Transporters can be used to assist the transportation and repositioning of equipment within many sectors, including, but not limited to:


Transporters are used for the carriage of sizable and heavy loads across short distances. They generally utilise a solitary resilient platform upon which the load sits, rather than a series of singular air bearings which are individually attached to the underside of a load.

Transporters can be used in place of other material handling equipment, such as cranes or forklifts, for accurate positioning with reduced manpower.

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