Equipment Moving Services

Airgonomics offers a versatile and comprehensive moving service suitable for some of the world’s most substantial pieces of equipment.

Adapting and expanding our service to satisfy the requirements of our clients, Airgonomics provides air skates and transporters available for hire or single use. Moreover, we offer a contract moving service and the use of our personnel to assist with the transportation of your equipment.

Equipment Moving Services

There are numerous reasons why heavy equipment should require a solitary move. Whether repositioning or removing an existing piece of equipment, or perhaps installing new equipment, air skates and transporters can be used for short trips performed in isolation.

The short term hire of moving skates and transporters provides an economic equipment handling method for situations such as these; they can be easily attached to, and removed from, machinery, without damaging equipment or the surrounding facilities.

The versatility offered between both air skates and more robust transporters mean the specifications of a range of equipment are encompassed by Airgonomics technology. 


Airgonomics orientates our nationwide service around client requirements; with over 50 years of experience advancing our capabilities, we strive to resolve most equipment handling difficulties, including the use of airfilm technology for singular applications.

There is no theoretical maximum size or load for the handling equipment manufactured by Airgonomics, with speed of transportation limited by health and safety aspects only; in this way, the versatile range of equipment designed by Airgonomics is suitable for all types of machinery and equipment, maintaining a positioning accuracy to within 1mm

For the hire of handling equipment, Airgonomics stock a standard range of air skates and transporters. We provide an in depth consultation process to establish individual client requirements, before our team of expert personnel safely install equipment for short term use. 

Airgonomics’ equipment moving services are available for a range of sectors. We have the experience and capacity to serve the following industries:

  • Entertainment and commercial
  • Power generation
  • Transportation, including rail, automotive, and marine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research
How do you move heavy equipment?

The methods of moving heavy equipment may depend on the dimensions of the goods being moved, and the locale of transportation. Some common methods of moving heavy equipment include:

An overhead crane can be used to lift a piece of machinery by utilising a winch and cables to lift the machinery off the ground; it is typically stabilised by one or two vertical columns and a bridge. Similarly to this, a chain hoist can lift and suspend equipment manually by a chain and winch system. These systems have limited mobility, however, and cannot travel over distances. 

A machine skate is mobilised by four wheels on the bottom of the platform, on top of which heavy machinery can be placed for transportation. It requires further force to move the skate and machinery, however; the innovation of air skates has relieved this problem, using a film of air underneath the machinery to mobilise the machinery with ease.

A forklift is another method of moving heavy equipment, typically boasting two prongs which are used to lift and hold the machinery whilst an attached powered vehicle drives the unit.

Finally, a hand truck dolly, which is a platform supported by two wheels, can be used to transport smaller, heavier equipment. The dolly is rocked back onto its two wheels when the equipment is secured for transportation.

Should you hire or buy air skates?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding between hiring and buying air skates:

Hiring air skates is preferable if you only require a one-time or infrequent use of the equipment, and will be more cost effective if this is the case. You may also choose to hire if the floors surrounding equipment are unsuitable for air skates - a temporary fix of the floors is more economic for infrequent use. Hiring air skates offers versatility in using the equipment for different machines as and when, rather than a permanent installation on one piece of machinery. 

Purchasing permanent air skates may be suitable if machinery often needs repositioning, or if machinery is positioned in a hard to access location where alternatives such as forklifts cannot enter. Buying air skates can be more cost effective in the long run, plus can save time installing and removing the equipment for each use. Finally, buying air skates means machinery does not have to be lifted for the placement of hired skates each time it needs repositioning, reducing manual labour.

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