Industrial Turntables

Advancing the capacity for movement automation within your industry, Airgonomics design, manufacture, and install industrial turntables.

Established in the early 1990s, during our years of operation Airgonomics have accumulated a bank of knowledge and experience, developing our ability to provide numerous forms of movement technology. Each industrial turntable is carefully constructed in line with the specifications of individual applications, creating a product fit to enhance the performance of your operations.

Industrial Turntables for heavy weights

Industrial turntables typically take the form of circular metallic platforms, seamlessly installed into the ground, designed to rotate and carry loads. Their size is determined based upon their application, however industrial turntables can be manufactured to rotate substantial loads, including large trucks, machinery, and equipment. Turntables can be driven either by an electric geared motor, or through airfilm technology, to provide effortless motion. 

Airgonomics is one of the principal UK companies in the field of airfilm technology, balancing innovation in our problem solving, with established and proven practises. Our attentiveness to customer requirements, and flexibility in our service, means we offer bespoke solutions for a range of handling issues. Furthering this, we offer maintenance and repair services for your industrial turntable.  

Industrial turntables are suitable for all load sizes and weights, meaning Airgonomics can minister to a multitude of clientele, across the nation and further afield.

To determine the unique specifications of individual projects, the specialist team at Airgonomics will conduct a site survey; using the project parameters established during surveys, design stages can commence. Lead times will vary depending on the bespoke nature of the turntable, however will be provided at point of quotation or order, so as to strengthen client relations and customer satisfaction. 

Airgonomics provides installation for our industrial turntables, alongside servicing on the complete air system, and comprehensive warranties for our equipment. We value the quality of our goods, and seek to sustain this quality for client usage. 

Industrial turntables as supplied by Airgonomics can be utilised by:

  • Retail trucks and loading and unloading operations
  • Theatre revolving stages
  • Exhibition display
  • Car showrooms


Industrial turntables, used for the rotation of heavy or large objects, have several applications. 

One of the most typical applications of industrial turntables is for large trucks, allowing for the turning of trucks in tight spaces for loading and unloading operations. This excludes the need for reversing or tight manoeuvres, and removes ‘dead space’. 

Turntables can moreover be installed within theatres, to support a dynamic stage performance. In a similar vein, exhibitions and showrooms utilise rotating turntables for eye-catching displays. 

Manufacturing operations may use turntables for the mobilisation of operations or workstations, in order to improve the efficiency of their processes.

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