Machinery Moving Services

Airgonomics is dedicated to resolving all types of machinery handling problems, and offers our airfilm technology for hire and one-time use.

Alongside permanent installation of bespoke or standard air skates and transporters, Airgonomics further provides the hire of both our equipment and personnel to formulate custom solutions to our clients’ unique difficulties.

Machinery Moving Services

Machinery can come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, purposed to assist in the various activities of industries such as manufacturing and construction. To encompass the broad forms machinery can take, Airgonomics have designed air skates and transporters, both of which utilise our innovative airfilm technology. Some machinery may also require additional labour to aid its movement; Airgonomics’ contract moving service utilises our own specialist personnel to safely transport your machinery. 

 Air skates are a series of individual skates which can be placed on the underside of the machine, with the ability to add supplementary skates for heavier or larger loads. On the other hand, transporters utilise a more substantial platform on which even the largest pieces of machinery can be placed for transportation.

With over 50 years of experience, Airgonomics can advise you on which of our equipment is suitable for handling your heavy machinery.

We forefront an impeccable customer service, and this begins with understanding the capacity of your machinery and transportation logistics.

Our standard range of air skates and transporters can handle any size and weight of machinery, and thus are suitable for hire on all types of machinery.

Hiring our handling equipment can significantly speed up transportation processes - only health and safety considerations restrict the speed at which machinery can be mobilised. Positioning of machinery with Airgonomics’ standard equipment maintains high accuracy to within 1mm

The specialist team at Airgonomics conducts an initial site consultation to review the specifications of each handling project, before determining the best course of action for each client. Installation of equipment for one time use can moreover be performed by the experienced personnel at Airgonomics, to ensure the transportation process is as efficient and safe as possible. These services are available throughout the country

The versatility of hiring handling equipment which is operated through airfilm technology means it is applicable for a range of industries, including, but not restricted to:

  • Entertainment and commercial
  • Power generation
  • Transportation, including rail, automotive, and marine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research


Both air skates and transporters employ a compressed layer of air which lifts machinery off the floor and aids smooth transportation. When deciding which airfilm equipment is suitable for your machinery handling problem, there are several factors to consider.

Air skates are a versatile piece of technology, since they are manufactured as individual units, which work in conjunction to one another. This means any number of air skates can be used to account for machinery of all sizes, typically starting with four skates (one in each corner). Four air skates can handle 65 tonnes, with additional air skates increasing load capacity. 

Transporters are more robust than air skates. Consisting of a larger, more substantial platform, a transporter is typically a single unit. However, like air skates, transporters can be custom made to suit the dimensions of the machinery, therefore secondary lifters, additional platforms, and pneumatic drives may be utilised. Transporters can handle loads of 100 tonnes or more.

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