Moving Skates

Airgonomics is one of the UK’s leading providers of airfilm technology.

Finding custom solutions for your transportation difficulties, Airgonomics provide moving skates in a range of sizes for the innovative and effective resolution of most handling problems.

Moving Skates in a Factory Setting

Moving air skates, also known as air casters, refers to a branch of equipment which utilises the pressure of compressed air to move heavy equipment and machinery. Air is released at a greater pressure than the load bearing down upon it, pushing the skate off the floor and building a cushion of air between the moving platform and the floor.

Moving skates can move in all horizontal directions for freedom of movement, even whilst bearing heavy loads. Facilitating a smooth transportation process, moving skates have proven moving heavy loads does not have to be a daunting or complicated prospect.

With over 50 years of experience guiding us, Airgonomics provide unrivalled design, manufacturing, and installation services for your bespoke moving skates.

Airgonomics provides a comprehensive, nationwide service to ensure clients’ requirements are understood and met. Commencing with a site consultation, Airgonomics is informed by individual project specifications, which guide our inhouse design processes. Following the manufacturing of goods, Airgonomics offers installation by our team of experts, to ensure skates are safely and securely fitted to loads; global exportation of equipment is further available. 

Whilst lead times can fluctuate across individual projects, Airgonomics values transparency and customer relations, and will provide a timely expected lead time at the point of quotation or order.

Theoretically, there is no maximum load or size capacity of air skates.

Therefore, moving skates are appropriate for handling loads within a range of heavy equipment sectors, including:

  • Entertainment and commercial
  • Power generation
  • Transportation, including rail, automotive, and marine
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research


Moving skates are used to reposition or transport large pieces of machinery or equipment with ease. They can be used within any industry which requires the movement of large objects. Moving skates are suitable for use when moving equipment short to long distances. 

Permanent installation of moving skates can be useful for businesses regularly moving equipment, whilst hiring them is a viable option for businesses needing a one-off move.

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